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22.1.2020 - Everything’s better with a dog around

A year has passed and I would like to show you, with great joy and pride, how much Meggie’s puppies grown and how many exhibition and work successes they have had during their 6 months of a happy life.

In our Golden Claudie Love kennel, we call Meggie, Manetka and Miuška with one name:

"Our dearest loves"

… time flies by, another year has gone and it has come the time for our girls Manetka and Miuška to become mothers too. Our loves, we want the world to know how beautiful, healthy and smart you are.

To you, Meggie:

Every dog is here for a reason. And you have fulfilled your task. All eight of your puppies live a happy life with their owners, and I’m so grateful for that. They were your only puppies. Bringing them into this world wasn’t easy. And although the thought of holding those cute golden puppies again was tempting, especially when you were in heat, I have never wanted to put you through that experience again.

Here’s a picture for you, Meggie, for everything you do and everything you are… Every time you put your paw on my bed and start to crawl up, I can‘t be mad at you – there’s always a place for you in my bed.

I love life with all of you in it!

23.12.2019 - PF 2020

1.5.2017 – A competition for the most beautiful bitch in KCHLS

The KCHLS (The Hunting Dog Owners Club) holds an annual competition for the most beautiful dogs and bitches that attend exhibitions. Our beloved Meggi came sixth in the Golden Retriever category.

13.4.2017 - We are expecting puppies – pregnancy confirmed!

Good news has been confirmed! Today Meggi underwent sonography, after which we were told that Meggi was indeed expecting puppies! They should be born around May 23. You can already pre-book your puppy, who will be ready to go home with you after July 20, 2017. Find more information in the Puppies section.

12.4.2017 - The Canistherapeutic exam

Meggi and I spent the whole weekend from 7-9 April intensively preparing for the Canistherapeutic exam during a Canistherapeutic weekend programme in Třemošná close to Pilsen. Then on Sunday Meggi took the exam and scored full 60 points in all twelve disciplines, moreover she got the „Excellent“  assessment. We became the Canistherapeutic team nr. CT0366. Meggi would act as a true professional the whole day, which made her popular with all people present and also with the examiners. I was greatly touched when even the management of Pomocné tlapky took a look at Meggi’s certificates, her pedigree, genealogical and health exams she had undertook, and everything she and the father of our puppies had achieved. They would even like to get one puppy from our litter. I’m proud of you, Meggi!

We should help whenever we can, because we never know when we’re going to need some help ourselves.

High-five on that!

21.3.2017 - Mating

Meggi and Iggy spent the first spring evening of March 20, 2017 together. Meggi, we all hope that you’ll successfully give birth to your first puppies in two months. With love, your master.

1.3.2017 - Double International Shows CACIB Rijeka 25. and 26.2.2017

The town of Rijeka in Croatia is Meggie's and mine favourite. She has spent a lot of time there with us. That's why we simply had to take part in an international exhibition - the first one of the year in Croatia - held in Rijeka. The weather reminded us of summer and we spent our free time before entering the show ring by relaxing on a terrace observing the sea. In contrast, the hall where the exhibition took place was way too noisy - dog participants and their owners had come from 23 different countries.

On Saturday 25 February, dogs were judged by Ms. Carol Mulcany from Ireland. Meggie was charming and calm during her round and received the grade excellent 3, which is great. She then enjoyed herself swimming in the sea.

The next day, things went quite similarly. Meggie got the grade excellent 3 once again, this time from a Spanish referee named Carlos Salos Melero. The only difference was that she didn't get to swim in the sea, as we had a long journey home ahead of us.

Good girl, Meggi! We’ll see the sea once again this year and if we are lucky, we will bring your puppy with us. Now it’s time for you to start preparing to be a mum, good luck, Meggi!

25.1.2017 – Special Retriever Exhibition Ljubljana

resultWe kicked off the year 2017 not only by launching our new website but also by attending an exhibition abroad. It was the Special Retriever Exhibition held by the Slovenian Retriever Club, to which Meggi had been signed in since Autumn. In Slovenia, she had got the CAC 4 times, two times at a national exhibition and two times at an international one. However, for a dog to be the Slovenian Beauty Champion, he needs to win the CAC 5 times and one out of the five CAC’s must be earned at the Special Retriever Exhibition, which is organised once a year (this change of rules was introduced in January 2016). We practised a lot for this exhibition, which was held in Ljubljana this year. Unfortunately, the day before our departure, Meggi broke her claw and bruised her leg. Both injuries were hurting her a lot and she couldn’t get up on her leg. I prepared an agrimony infusion for her and we also used various ointments. We were slowly coming to terms with the fact that we wouldn’t participate in the exhibition. The next morning, we took the risk and set out on our journey to the exhibition in Ljubljana, which was supposed to start in the evening. We entered the circle humbly later that day. Meggi, however, didn’t hesitate and despite her strong competition got Excellent 4 with an amazing description from the judge Mateja Tomasic. Congratulations, Meggi.

25.1.2017 - Our new website is on

We have launched a new official website of our Golden Retriever kennel „Golden Claudie Love“. Hope you have a good time visiting them.